Applications of basalt microfiber MAGMAWOOL

Basalt innovations for you.

Sample of composite material based on basalt microfiber

Applications of basalt microfiber MAGMAWOOL:

  1. Structural, safety and power elements in the automotive and transport industries.
  2. Casings for laptops, mobile phones, tablets and other gadgets.
  3. Cases for optical devices: cameras, lenses, tripods, eyeglass frames.
  4. Impellers and blades for different purposes.
  5. Armor for tanks, special vehicles, helicopters, weapons systems elements.
  6. Protective coatings, fillers for paints, primers, puttiess, glues.
  7. Pipes and gutters for pumping aggressive and abrasive compounds.
  8. Fabrication of composite printing rods for 3-D printer.
  9. Designer furnishings and fittings in the form of tiles sculptures, friezes.
  10. Reinforcing elements in construction.
  11. Manufacture of medical applications, endo prosthesis and restorative materials.
  12. Production of 3-D reinforced polymer films.
  13. Reinforcement of rubber products, tires, trucks.
  14. Power and insulating elements in the power industry.
  15. The elements of urban and road infrastructure - light poles, benches, sewer manholes and drain grate.
  16. Fireproof cable boxes, channels, partitions.
  17. Sports equipment - rackets, skis, helmets, snowboards, bicycles frames.
  18. Tanks for storage and transportation of corrosive liquids, including galvanic baths.
  19. Basis for the production of printed circuit boards of the new generation.
  20. Manufacture of friction elements, high-performance compressor rings with increased resource services, lubrication sliding and, for example, computer coolers based on them.
  21. Manufacture antifriction pairs and brake pads.