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Basalt micriofiber MagmaWool

The specialists of «MagmaWool Technological Group» have developed a new reinforcement microfiber MAGMAWOOL, designed to create a 3D-reinforced composite materials. Microfiber is made on the basis of mechanically crushed basalt superthin fiber MAGMAWOOL, produced using induction melting of the charge at about 2200º C. This allows you to completely destroy the crystalline structure of the rock-forming minerals of basalt. With the blow heads, in a single step melt processed basalt superthin (1-3 micron) fiber characteristic feature of which is completely amorphous structure. Such fibers have enhanced mechanical strength and flexibility, better chemical and thermal stability compared to E-glass fibers. Reduced diameter of the fibers leads to a considerable increase of their specific strength as compared to basalt roving with a diameter of 13-15 microns. Visually material is a fine powder of a beige-gray color, consisting of superfine basalt fragments fibers. Fragment length caused by manner and time of grinding. The bulk density of the powder determined by the degree of grinding and is within 1.5-2 g/cm³.

The simplest product marketed under the trademark us «MAGMAWOOL-M», contains fragments of fibers with a length of 25-120 microns, and up to 10-20% of fine particles of irregular shape with the linear dimensions of 0.1-0.5 microns.

We have also developed the technology of separation of milled fibers, which can allocate fractions MAGMAWOOL-25, MAGMAWOOL-50 and MAGMAWOOL-75 microfibers having an average length of 25, 50 and 75 microns, respectively. Amount of the fine fraction of 0.1-0.5 microns in these materials is reduced by about ten times.

Microfiber MAGMAWOOL is nonflammable and environmentally friendly product from natural raw materials. It has low thermal conductivity and is completely transparent to electromagnetic waves. Conductivity of the material is lower than that of glass fiber that allows you to create high-performance insulating materials for power engineering, microelectronics and cable-conductor industry. Reduced microfiber diameter leads to a significant increase in the specific surface area thereof value. This factor allows the use of microfiber as a basis for the creation of high-performance compact filter materials and a positive effect on the adhesion energy of fibers and matrix for the creation of composite materials.

Basalt stones

Microfiber can be used in the production of basalt fiber reinforced polymer composites and basalt ceramics with improved parameters:

  • Mechanical tensile, compressive, flexural, impact strength;
  • Durability and abrasion resistance;
  • Reduced cost;
  • Reduced shrinkage of products in the manufacturing process;
  • Higher thermal dimensional stability of finished products;
  • The possibility of grinding and polishing;
  • Low electrical conductivity and radio transparency. MAGMAWOOL microfiber is effective
    reinforcing filler in creating protective coatings, gel coats and repair putty.

MAGMAWOOL microfiber is effective reinforcing filler in creating protective coatings, gel coats and repair putty. For the manufacture of composite materials and coatings with enhanced chemical resistance offered microfiber MAGMAWOOL-Zr made from basalt modified by zirconium silicide.